How to Host a Poker Night the Right Way

If you've never hosted a poker night and are thinking about taking the plunge for the first time, we have a few tips to help you organize it right, so it's a hit. After all, the last thing you want to do is wing it!

Which Game Do You Want to Play?

You'll need to know and stipulate before you invite people precisely what game you're going to play, including popular choices like:

  • 5-card draw
  • 7-card stud
  • Badugi
  • Texas Hold 'em

It's a great idea to clearly state what each chip is worth, how much the buy-in will be, and any other house rules. You'll also want to communicate to your friends whether you're playing a tournament or a cash game and stipulate the minimum buy-in. Keep it interesting without making it painful. 

You'll have to be delicate, but you'll need to find out everyone's comfort level regarding betting on money. You don't want to make it a negative experience for people.

What Do You Need to Play?

To host a successful poker night, you will need a game table or poker top. You'll also need chips, cards, and chairs to handle serious seat time. 

If you're playing Texas Hold 'em, you'll need a bespoke, oval-shaped table to seat the customary nine players with enough room to spare. If other poker variants are more your game, there are many different options for game tables that will more than do the trick. 

You can also purchase game table sets, or if you need chairs to complete the experience, Billiard Factory has what you need to make your poker night a success. It's important to spec comfortable chairs for your players and ensure they're big enough without being too large, especially for your Texas Hold 'em game.

Billiard Factory carries every accessory you'll need too. These essential pieces of equipment are designed to complete the gear list for your first poker night, from chipsets to felt tops and more.  

How to Host a Poker Night: Be a Good Host

The best experiences for your guests will come from your ample preparation done ahead of time. If you really want to know how to host a poker night that's a smash hit, anticipate the needs of your guests. Considering that they'll be spending several hours seated at the table, you can prove that you know what you're up to by thinking about the bare necessities:

  • Food and snacks
  • Beverages and alcohol
  • Music and entertainment 

Cigars are often a next-level experience, but if you indulge yourself, plan a way to handle and eliminate smoke from your gaming room. If you're not equipped with a smoke eater system, you may consider setting up shop in your garage, which, if you do it right, can lend a pleasantly quirky vibe to your event.

Setting the Mood

Unless everyone is on board for a high-stakes, cutthroat poker night, keeping it casual is probably the way you'll want to handle things. After all, Casino Royale was a cool movie, but not if you have to live through it.

Remember to establish the house rules before anything else.

Games Are Fun!

Especially when you plan it well, a poker night can be a great way to connect with friends, enjoy some time together, and deepen your friendships with long and exciting conversations. 

For more ideas on how to host a successful poker night and tons of great must-haves, visit Billiard Factory today!