10 Billiard Accessories You Must Have To Have the Best Experience

Billiards accessories make it easier or more fun to play, and the best billiards accessories enhance your performance and the overall experience. The essentials for playing pool include a table, a set of pool balls, and at least one cue stick. However, several other accessories are available to play pool or other billiards games. Here are some accessories to consider purchasing.

Must-Have Pool Table and Cue Accessories

1. Horsehair Brush

A pool table is covered with a tightly woven material called felt. Its purpose is to help control the movement of the balls once they are struck. Unfortunately, felt can also collect dust, lint, and other debris, affecting your performance.

There are different ways to clean pool table felt, but one of the simplest ways is with a horsehair brush. You can recognize a horsehair pool table brush by the bristles. The longer bristles on the sides of the brush are intended to clean under the rails and into the corners. 

2. Break Cues

A game of pool begins with the balls grouped in a tight triangular configuration. The opening move is to break this formation and, hopefully, send one of the balls into one of the pockets. If the break is unsuccessful, it doesn't mean the end of the game, but it can make for an interesting beginning.

If you have trouble with the break at the beginning of the game, it may not be a reflection of your strength or ability. The cue you are using could be to blame. Instead of a regular cue, try a breaking cue. This is one of the best billiard accessories because it allows you to apply more force to the cue ball for a more effective break, yet many players do not even know of its existence.

3. Tip Shaper

For the shot to go in a predictable direction, the tip of the cue has to be properly formed. However, it can flatten out with repeated strikes. You can return it to its original form with a tip shaper.

4. Retractable Bridge Stick

Sometimes you have a shot that you cannot reach easily. A bridge stick has a tool on the end that helps you stabilize your cue when setting up a difficult shot. A bridge stick that can be extended and retracted as needed is more portable and convenient.

5. Cue Cleaner

If your cue is dirty, it can create drag when you are trying to shoot. Unfortunately, the cue can pick up dirt and sweat from your hand. A cue cleaner cleans the shaft and absorbs moisture, leaving it clean and dry.

Best Billiard Ball Accessories

Taking your pool balls for granted could affect game performance. Here are some accessories pertaining to pool balls themselves.

1. Ball Cleaner

Pool balls can pick up dust and oil. Not only can this affect their movement, but it can also increase friction on the felt, which could cause it to wear out more quickly. A ball cleaner removes this residue from your pool balls.

2. Red Dot Cue Ball

This cue ball has red dots that show you exactly where to hit. It is good for drills and training exercises and useful if you want to teach the game to someone else.

Billiard Room Accessories

The right accessories in your billiard room help make it a more comfortable place to play, which can help improve your performance.

1. Retractable Chalk Holder

Chalk is a useful tool, but it can make a real mess of your billiard room. A retractable chalk holder makes it available when you need it while preventing chalk dust from getting all over everything.

2. Cue Holder

While you only need one cue to play pool, most people own several. To protect and organize them, many people have a wall-mounted cue holder. Some of these are simple and only hold cues, while others can also hold racks and balls.

3. Gloves, Hand Towels, and Talc Bags

When you're playing pool, your hands can get sweaty. This can make it hard to handle your cue and make it dirty. Pool gloves can protect your cue from dirt and sweat from your hands and help you get a better grip. Talc bags and hand towels absorb moisture from your hands.

These accessories can help to improve the overall playing experience, making it easier and more fun. Check out Billiard Factory's accessory kits to help you get started if you're just starting out.