8 Man Cave Games That Will Impress Your Friends

Contrary to popular belief, simply calling one room in the house “the man cave” doesn’t necessarily make it so. A man cave is a place to be alone, indulge in hobbies, and hang out with your buddies. It must be fully stocked with all the paraphernalia and games it needs to satisfy the man and impress his friends.

  • Appropriate decor (movie posters, automobilia, military surplus items, and more)
    Cold beverage service
    Entertainment of all kinds, from boardgames to game tables

The Best Man Cave Games, Gadgets, and Features

Rest assured, these suggestions will impress your friends so much they’ll all want to take turns.

Home Gym

One of the coolest ways to stay in shape is the climbing wall treadmill. Powered by gravity, it provides an infinite array of handholds and footholds as you go. Think of it as a friendly competition to see who can climb longest before wimping out. Your friends will love it.

Virtual Golf or Putting Green

It’s possible to take a swing at a golf ball right from the comfort of your man cave, and since the system tracks your shot, there’s proof on the screen that you are better than Phil Mickelson, just as you’ve always insisted. But if you’re more into an analog experience, there’s no reason you can’t have a putting green in your man cave.

Pub Games

Darts, karaoke, pool, poker — name your game; your impressive man cave ought to feature a way for you and your friends to engage in a little friendly one-upmanship.

Beer and Other Beverages

Speaking of pubs, we got to the beverages early. But that’s just as well because every man cave needs some beverage dispenser, whether it’s a beer tap, a vending machine fridge, a cool wine chiller, or an espresso machine. Pick your poison, but make sure it’s impressive. And if you truly want to impress, install a bar and stools

Arcade Games and Consoles

Who hasn’t wanted a genuine Pac-Man arcade game or even a pinball machine in their man cave? It’s not just entertainment; it’s furniture! And if that’s not impressive enough, you can go whole hog with a big screen, video game console, surround sound for your music and movies, and theater seating. Now that’s impressive. 


There aren’t many men who wouldn’t at least be intrigued by the idea of a hidden entrance to their man cave. Have you ever thought about a bookcase that pivots away to reveal the entrance to your masculine lair? That’s bound to impress, but perhaps not as much as the guitar doorbell, an actual guitar mounted over the doorway to your man cave that plays a tune every time it senses someone entering. Or how about authentic ballpark seating? The sky’s the limit. 

Indoor Games of Skill

Consider an indoor basketball or a game of cornhole. It’s all the same after a few drinks.

Games of Luck and Chance

Perhaps the pinnacle of man cave aspirations, a game table is deeply impressive to most visitors. It says something about the man who owns it and how he’s not to be trifled with over a hand of Texas Hold ’em. 

The Man Cave Games

Fill your man-dedicated personal space with the things that make your heart sing almost as well as Joe Cocker or Bruce Springsteen. But these man cave games are just the beginning. 

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