Virtual Game Room Designer Tool

Once considered a luxury addition to the home, a game room has become a modern necessity that facilitates socialization and quality time spent with family and friends. Whether you want a room where you can hang with friends, a dedicated game space for the family, or simply the ultimate man cave, it’s time to plan your space and get your project underway. And a virtual game room designer is a great tool to assist you.

What’s a Virtual Game Room Designer?

This online tool is designed to help you visualize your space so you can plan out the perfect room design. How does it work? Well, with the aid of an online gaming setup maker, you simply choose your room size and shape, then start plugging in pieces like couches and chairs, bars, game tables, and more. This way, you can ensure that you make the best use of your space.

You can plan your game room with our tool in three steps:

Take Accurate Measurements

You’ll want to start by taking accurate measurements of your room so you can input the precise layout into the gaming setup maker. Next, measure any existing furniture you plan to place in the room.

Add Major Elements

From there, simply start adding furniture and other elements from the included library tool, sizing them to match your couches, chairs, and tables. Adjust the orientation of pieces and move them around until you find the perfect position. Then, you can use the remaining space to determine the size of any additional pieces you’d like to add.

Flesh Out Your Game Space

Now that you know how much space is taken up, you can figure out if the 9-foot pool table you’ve been drooling over is doable or if you need to downsize to the 7-foot model.

Try it Yourself

Use our virtual game room designer here:

And You’re Done!

Once you’ve completed your design, save it and print it to take along when you shop for new furniture and game tables for your ideal home game room.