The Best Game Room Accessories to Impress Your Friends

Decorating with the best game room accessories isn’t just fun and rewarding — it’s also a way to immerse yourself in your games while you spend quality time with friends.

If you’re in the market for the best accessories for game rooms, get started with some of the must-haves below.

The Best Game Room Accessories to Level Up Your Space

Getting all the details right is essential when creating the right design for gaming. Too many people shop for items without thinking about the overall look they want. 

Do you want to decorate about a particular type of game, whether it’s video games, classic games like billiards and darts, or arcade games? Would you instead stick with specific colors, brands, or gaming system themes?

Before you get started on your hunt for the best accessories for game rooms, make sure you know what you want, the general setup, and the feel. Once you’ve decided, consider some of these ideas:

Cozy (and Supportive) Seating Furniture

Choosing versatile furniture for your space will complement your game room no matter how many times you change the theme. Avoid cheap particle board-made products and go for high-quality bar stools and tables

Bar furniture, spectator chairs, and pub tables will liven up your décor without taking up a ton of floor space. Using vertical space when decorating with the best game room accessories will make the room feel and look more spacious. 

The exaggerated height of this kind of furniture also creates a laid-back, welcoming, and fun atmosphere. Avoid furniture with a print following a specific theme or game because you will drastically limit your options for matching accessories. 

Gaming Posters and Wall Décor

If you want to pay homage to your favorite board games, video game systems, or genres, don’t do it with furniture — do it with posters and pictures. They’re relatively inexpensive, and you can switch them out as often as your preferences change. 

Make sure to purchase frames that are the correct size for your posters, but avoid those with glass! Opt for fiberglass or plastic instead.

A Good Sound System

One of the highlights of any game room is the sound that comes from it. Don’t skimp on the sound system because music is one thing (other than games) that is always an influential addition to an entertainment space.

Whether you and your friends are listening to your favorite playlist while checking out new video games or want to crank up your video game audio, it just has to sound good. 

A Home Theater System or a Television

Including a home theater system (complete with home theater seating) or at least a TV can make a huge difference by promoting conversation and distraction whenever needed. 

It’s also obviously critical for game rooms that have video game systems. Don’t forget theater tray accessories to add convenience and clean the place.

A Minibar, Bar Cart, or Bar Shelf

One of the best accessories for game rooms has always been a bar. Games and drinks have always been a great pairing, whether it’s a full bar, bar shelf, minibar, bar cart, or even a giant globe that reveals chic spirits. 

Arcade Machines

Arcade machines are a must-have, no matter what else you may or may not add to your space. Whether you can’t get enough of Golden Tee Golf, you’re a skeeball fanatic, or you want a multicade, arcade machines have always been a staple of professional and personal game rooms, and yours won’t be complete without one!

Even if your room is decked out in a whisky barrel theme, you’ll be able to add the perfect classic barrel multicade to it, so have fun browsing arcade game options.

Ambient Lighting 

Make sure that you select your game lighting carefully so it’s appropriate for the type of games people will play. 

For example, if dominoes are commonly played in your game room, make sure there’s bright light so people can see the spots on the dominoes clearly. If your room has video game systems, choose lighting that will keep you immersed in the games on the screen (neon signs, color-changing LED lights, and projectors are popular). Have a vintage pool table? Choose vintage lighting to hang above it.

Your Game Room Should Be a Reflection of You

With the best accessories for game rooms all coming together in a space that reflects your interests, style, and personality, you’ll be able to impress your friends for many memorable years to come.