Ping Pong (Table Tennis) Buying Guide: What to Consider Before Choosing One

The idea of buying a table tennis table is exciting. It's the perfect addition to any game room, a great source of family fun, and an excellent investment for vacation rental properties. 

But buying ping-pong tables isn't an everyday occurrence. To help guide you through the process, here are some essential tips on buying a ping-pong table.

Think Logistics First

You can do all your research using a ping-pong table buying guide. You can even pick out a new table with cool features from a reputable retailer. However, none of this matters if you don't take a moment to consider what type of table you can realistically buy. 


Make sure you have enough room to set up the ping-pong table. When planning, don’t forget to consider the extra space around it so you can maneuver freely. The size of a regulation ping-pong table is 9 ft x 5 ft, but recreational tables come in vastly different sizes and have plenty of variations. Always remember to measure first and buy later. If space becomes an issue and you still want to get one, then there are folding table options you might want to consider.

It's wise to do some extra digging if your playing area will be outdoors. Outdoor spaces lend themselves well to table tennis because you’ll have more room and less chance of breaking something valuable during a game. 

However, sunlight, wind, and unkempt terrain can all negatively impact your experience. Make sure to place your table in a spot with some natural barriers to shield the play area from wind and sun, and level out a play area that will keep the table even and stable.


Price is another significant factor to think about when you buy your table. Non-regulation tables are generally the most affordable, costing between $100 and $500. They're great if the table is for kids, new players with smaller budgets, or for anyone having trouble finding ample space for larger tables. However, these tables aren't made from high-quality materials and (depending on the manufacturer) may not last very long.

Recreation class tables are often in the $400 to $600 range and offer an excellent balance of quality and price. Mid-range, competition-grade, or outdoor ping-pong tables have a wider range — anywhere from $650 to upward of $1,000. These tables will be higher in quality and likely provide a better playing experience, especially if you purchase a competition-grade table.

Buying Ping-Pong Tables for the Home

The main reason homeowners are interested in buying a ping-pong table is to build a recreation space where they can blow off steam or enjoy quality time as a family. But some homeowners may be interested in honing their skills as a player and will therefore want to take the sport more seriously. Both are perfectly good reasons for purchasing a table, but you'll need to take a different approach for each scenario.

Casual Playing

You can get away with a low- to mid-range price ping-pong table if you plan to use it as a fun family activity. However, if you have the space for it and think the table will see a lot of use, you’ll want to steer clear of anything with a suspiciously low price. Regardless of your space or budget limitations, avoid the cheapest tables whenever you can — the playing experience is seriously lacking, and there's a good chance you'll have to replace it quickly.

Serious Practicing or Competition

If you want to buy a new ping-pong table for serious practice, aim to get the best quality table you can afford. However, it would be best if you considered your experience level with your purchase. It doesn't make much sense for a complete beginner to drop $1,500 on a table unless they want to go all-in on the sport. After all, you can still get a lot out of tables that cost between $600 and $1,000. 

Still, if you can afford a nicer, higher quality table and have the budget, going with a competition-grade table will let you practice on surfaces used in competitive matches, giving you an edge when you take on your opponents.

Playing Outdoors

Even if you can fit a ping-pong table in your home, many homeowners may need more space to play comfortably. Outdoor table tennis is a viable option for anyone with space constraints, but make sure you buy tables specifically made for playing outdoors. You'll also want to treat your outdoor table with more care and find ways to shield it from the elements.

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