Canton Pool Table

A pool table is a perfect addition to any home game room. But picking the right table can be tough when hundreds of options are available. Quality is key whether you're a seasoned billiards player looking to get more practice or a family just looking to have some fun. 

It helps to know some of the big pool table brands and what they offer. Going with an established and trusted brand will give you a higher quality table and prove a better investment. 

Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular pool table brands today. 


If you're looking for a brand backed by years of experience, you won't find very many companies with a richer history than Brunswick. They were the first billiards manufacturer to set up shop in the United States back in 1845. Since then, they have expanded to be one of the top pool table brands, known worldwide for their vast array of durable products, innovative nature, and love of billiards.

Mid-Range Option

Brunswick's popular mid-range pool table is the Canton 8ft Pool Table. The sleek-yet-rustic finish and durable construction make it a popular choice for many billiards enthusiasts. It is also highly customizable, so you can order it to coordinate with your game room perfectly.  


Based out of Tennessee, Olhausen is a family-owned company crafting high-quality pool tables since 1972. Despite starting small, they have come to be known as one of the best manufacturers in the country. With Olhausen's expert craftsmanship and plentiful customization options, you never have to wonder if you're getting a good value for your money. 

Pool tables from Olhausen start at about $3,000 and go up to $22,000 for the extravagant tables drenched in fine details. However, most of their models are between $5,000 and $6,000. 

Family-Friendly Option

If you don't want all of the frills and extras that come with the high-end tables, the Sheraton Laminate Series Pool Table is an exceptional, family-friendly pool table from Olhausen. Its classic and timeless design makes it easy to incorporate into any space, and you can choose the pocket style and felt color to make it your own. 

Presidential Billiards

Presidential Billiards is one of the top pool table brands because of its carefully designed and professionally crafted pool tables. With a sleek and elegant finish on all of their tables, you'll never be left second-guessing your decision. But what sets Presidential Billiards apart is their use of lots of exotic woods that you can't find in many other places.

Take Game Night to the Next Level

The Douglas Pool Table is perfect if you're looking for a polished and refined feel without completely breaking the bank. This table is constructed from African hardwood and boasts stunning detail on the meticulously carved legs.  

Imperial Pool Tables

If you're a sports fanatic, Imperial is the best brand for you. Since its establishment in 1955, Imperial Pool Tables has grown to be one of the top pool table brands today. They have partnered with large sports organizations like the NCAA, NHL, NFL, and MLB to provide team-specific billiards accessories. 

Best Option for Seasoned Players 

The Brazos 8ft Pool Table from Imperial Pool Tables is perfect for any experienced billiards player who wants to upgrade their home setup. This pool table has practically everything you could want between its thick, high-quality felt, sturdy construction, and convenient cue storage drawer. 

Dominion Collection 

Just because they're in the last spot doesn't mean Dominion Collection is not a top contender among popular pool table brands. Dominion is known for using quality materials and offering a wide variety of styles and customization options. 

A Strikingly Modern Option 

Although this high-end table comes with a bigger price tag, the Bishop Pool Table is a strikingly modern option for billiards lovers. The sharp angle and smoky gray finish give this pool table a unique appearance. With over a dozen felt color options to choose from, you can ensure this table comes exactly to your liking.