Can You Put a Pool Table Outside? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a good way to spice up your outdoor space, you may have considered a pool table. But if you've never owned one before, you likely have an important question on your mind: can you keep a pool table outside?

Outdoor lovers rejoice: there is a way to play billiards outside without ruining your table. 

An outdoor pool table can offer a fantastic way to engage in casual recreation with friends and family without staying cooped up inside. If you've always wanted to play a rousing game of billiards while also taking advantage of the nice weather, you'll be happy to know you don't have to choose one over the other.

That said, it's important to understand that you can't just leave any pool table outside. Some tables are designed for outdoor use and can better withstand the elements. Here's what you should know about the differences between indoor and outdoor pool tables and how to station your pool table outside.

Can an Indoor Table Be Placed Outdoors?

Unfortunately, no — you can't use indoor tables outside without jeopardizing their playability and longevity.

There's a reason these tables are called “indoor” tables. They’re made from felt, rubber, and wood, and none of these materials do well under repeated exposure to weather. They tend to age much faster than their outdoor counterparts, and temperature fluctuations can even cause them to split and warp, making smooth play impossible.

Sadly, it’s not possible to waterproof an indoor table to circumvent this issue. You can seal the wood to protect it, but there's no easy way to safeguard the felt. And since felt is absorbent, it's ill-advised to apply sealant to it, as doing so can create an unlevel playing field.

Considering all the potential drawbacks, placing an indoor pool table outside is never a good idea.

Can You Keep a Pool Table Under a Covered Patio?

Having a covered patio with space for a table could make life much easier for you. However, it's’ not a substitute for proper care and maintenance, nor does it make it alright to place an indoor table underneath the covered patio.

If you have a pool table outside, professionals still recommend using a cover to protect it. Think of the covered patio as supplementary insurance against the elements, not the first line of defense against them.

Things to Keep in Mind for Placing a Pool Table Outdoors

Outdoor billiard tables are made of tough stuff, but that doesn't mean they don’t call for some care. Luckily, outdoor pool tables don't require heavy maintenance to stay in good shape.

Purchasing a pool table cover will help keep things like dirt, grime, and leaves off of your table so it's pristine and ready for play when you are. You can easily remove the cover and set up a game without having to pick debris off the surface.

It's wise to get in the habit of wiping the surface of your outdoor pool table with a damp cloth before you play. You won't need to worry about these tables absorbing water, but it's still crucial to cover them whenever they aren't in use.

Thinking strategically about where to place your pool table, as the right spot can limit exposure to harsh weather and prolong its use.

Covered patios are perfect for this, but you should also consider how the sun hits different parts of your yard and other elements that could hasten the wear and tear on your table. Ideally, you'll want to set up your pool table on a smooth, even surface like a concrete slab or deck. 

You can also look for some desirable design elements in outdoor pool tables. Some of these can make your purchase more expensive, but a pool table is an investment you want to use for years; not having to buy a new one prematurely can easily justify a slightly higher price tag.

Lighting is another issue with outdoor pool tables. You want to make sure you have enough light to actually enjoy playing on those warm summer and spring nights.

A good example is outdoor pool tables with steel legs and non-slip grips. Outdoor tables aren't impervious to poor weather, even if they're designed to withstand it. A sturdier, more resilient foundation will make it easier to protect regardless of climate.

Think Outside the Finished Basement

Can you put a pool table outside? While you can't swap an indoor pool table for an outdoor one, investing in an outdoor pool table can make your patio or backyard an exciting place to have fun with loved ones.

Outdoor pool tables can jazz up cookouts and other gatherings. They also give you more room to play and won't take up precious floor space inside your home. If you have a good spot for it, pick up an outdoor pool table, take good care of it, and enjoy a game of pool any day, rain or shine.

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