All the Types of Pool Tables: A Short Guide

If you thoroughly research before any major purchase, you want to know everything there is to know before pulling the trigger. Are you considering making a pool table the centerpiece of your game room, or would you rather be able to fold it up and store it when it’s not in use? Are you particular about the playing surface being genuine slate and wool, or are you okay with a slate alternative and polyester? Let’s begin with size.

Pool Table Sizes

There are four types of pool tables in terms of their size, and it’s important to note that since all pool tables are rectangular, the dimensions we list are for their long axis.

Standard or Home

This is the size most people have in their homes. At eight feet long, it’s just the right size for a fun, active game that makes difficult shots a little easier than on a pro table.

Large or Pro/Tournament 

At a full nine feet, a tournament pool table may surprise you if you’ve never had the opportunity to play on a pro setup. It takes planning your shots to get from one zone to another, and it is more challenging to play aggressively.


A bar-size pool table is seven feet long and fits in a more compact space, but the balls may bunch up on you occasionally. Aggressive play is much more easily accomplished on a bar table.

Any pool table smaller than bar size is called a mini and can range from about 20 inches to about five feet long. These are great for smaller spaces or smaller players.


When judged on style, the list of different pool tables varies. Choose traditional, craftsman, farmhouse, or rustic for fine details and tasteful flourishes. If you’re looking for clean, minimalistic lines, choose contemporary, modern, industrial, or mid-century modern designs.

Whatever your personal style considerations are, you’re sure to find a pool table to suit your needs at Billiard Factory. And since we carry almost every major brand, we have a great selection of top-quality pool tables you won’t find at the average furniture store. 


Many pool tables feature thoughtful details that make play more pleasurable or efficient.

Drop Pockets

Leather drop pockets wear much better than vinyl and will gather a patina with age that adds to the look of your pool table.

Automatic Ball Return

Featured on many pool hall and bar pool tables, an automatic ball return places all pocketed balls in one location, making reracking smoother and quicker.


Sometimes skilfully hidden in the woodwork details, storage drawers allow you to place all your cues and balls out of sight for storage, keeping your game room walls clear of clutter. 

Game Type

The three main games played on these tables are pool, billiards, and snooker. For the true connoisseur, you’ll need either a ten- or twelve-foot table for snooker, depending on whether you’re playing American or English style. And for billiards, for which the tables have no pockets, you’ll need an altogether different setup too. 

Construction Materials 

There are many different types of pool tables in terms of construction, but most are comprised of:

  • Slate or slate alternative
  • Polyester, woolen cloth, worsted wool

Slate or slate alternative is the playing surface (covered by fabric) where the balls roll and carom off the bumpers. Tables made from slate are far more durable than those that are not, and the same goes for wool in comparison to polyester. Worsted wool doesn’t form fluff like standard wool (often called felt), and play on wool surfaces is much faster than on polyester.

Even More Different Types of Pool Tables

If you’re planning on using your game room space for multiple purposes and need a table that can handle more than one job, a conversion table or conversion top may be the answer. Most can handle pool, table tennis, and mealtime duties quite well, while others are even designed to stay outdoors.

We Can Help You Find the Right Pool Table

Given all the options, you may have decided you’d like a little help finding the right pool table for you. At Billiard Factory, we’re celebrating almost half a century in the industry and have the expertise needed to help you make the best decision. Unlike many of our smaller competitors, we likely have what you need in stock and can deliver and set it up for you. Contact us today to find your perfect pool table.