5 Best & Other Most Wanted Gifts for Pool Players in 2023

Everybody knows that the first rule of gift-giving is to consider what the person receiving the gift might need and what they like. But what do you do when they love the game of pool, and you know next to nothing about it? The last thing you want is give them a gift they don't appreciate. 

Never fear — we've got you covered with five of the best gifts for pool players year-round and other most-wanted items for other celebrations and the upcoming Christmas season. 

5 Best Gifts for Pool Players

Whether you're shopping for a birthday, Christmas, or anniversary gift, pool lovers can be a little tricky to shop for, especially when it seems like they already have everything they need. But these five gifts for pool players will be relished no matter the recipient’s pool experience.

1. New Pool Cues 

Although some players are picky about the cues they use, this is generally a great gift idea for anyone who loves pool. But the world of cues is vast, with many different styles, weights, and price points. 

When picking out a new cue, or a set thereof, consider your giftee’s favorite color and personal style. For example, if they give off a sort of quiet confidence, it wouldn't make sense to get them a super flashy or gaudy cue. 

Additionally, if they already have a playing cue that you know they won’t part with, consider getting them a dedicated breaking cue instead. 

2. High-Quality Cue Cases 

Most beginner and intermediate pool players store their cues on a wall-mounted rack or floor stand. While this is perfectly fine for at-home use, a high-quality cue case is essential for protecting them during travel. Soft shell cases tend to be more budget-friendly and comfortable to hold, but hard shell cases offer the highest level of protection.  

3. Training Cue Balls

No matter your giftee's skill level, it’s never too late to improve! A training cue ball features red dots spread across its face, which make it easy to precisely line up shots and aim in the correct direction. For more advanced players, training cue balls are a great way to sharpen skills and practice more complex maneuvers. 

4. Cue Shaft Smoothers 

A cue shaft smoother makes it easy to remove dirt, debris, and residual chalk from the shaft of a cue to produce a cleaner stroke. Many pool lovers don't realize they ever needed a smoother one until they get one, and then they can't imagine playing without one!

5. Magic Racks

Every pool player knows nothing beats the feeling of a nice, clean, solid break from a tight rack. In fact, for many players, the way the balls break plays a big role in the rest of their gameplay. 

Traditional wooden racks are easy to use, but you must be extremely careful lifting them up or risk ball shifting and gaps forming in your rack. That's why a magic rack is a perfect gift for any pool lover. It’s a unique tool that lays flush with the table and ensures a tight, gap-free rack to start every game on the right foot. 

Funny Gifts for Pool Players 

If your friends and loved ones have a good sense of humor, especially at the billiards table, they'll love these fun gifts for pool players. 

Mini Tabletop Pool Game

Whether they’ve just started playing pool or are a lifelong enthusiast, this mini tabletop pool game is sure to get a few chuckles from your giftee(s), especially when you explain how you got it for them: "Any real pool lover is always prepared for a challenge!"

On a serious note, this fun little gadget is a great boredom buster and allows you to take the fun of pool with you anywhere you go. 

Magic 8 Ball

Give the gift of nostalgia and laughs with the Magic 8 Ball. A simple, classic gift, the Magic 8 Ball combines childhood memories and current passions to bring a smile to any pool lover's face. 

Pool-Related Clothing

Clothing is an easy go-to for any gift-giving occasion — after all, you can never have too many t-shirts — and luckily, there is no shortage of funny and witty pool-themed shirts and apparel. 

Christmas Gifts for Pool Players

With the holiday season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to stock up on these stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts for pool players. 

Pool Ball Christmas Tree Ornaments

Who says pool should stay in the game room? These pool ball Christmas tree ornaments allow pool lovers to put the finishing touches on their tree in the best way possible, and while stylish, they can easily blend in with other seasonal ornaments.


The chalk on the tip of a pool cue is what gives it enough friction to actually strike a ball rather than slip off, and as any pool lover will tell you, you can never have too much chalk on hand. As such, chalk makes a great stocking stuffer for pool lovers of all ages. 


A good pair of pool gloves can improve a player’s grip on their cue for maximum control and precision. It’s an easy and thoughtful way to show interest in their passion while actually helping to improve their game. If the pool lover in your life doesn't already have a pair of gloves, you should definitely get them one.  

Where to Find the Best Gifts for Pool Players

At Billiards Factory, we have everything pool lovers need to take their game to the next level. From pool cues and accessories to high-quality, customizable pool tables, we are proud to provide gifts for pool lovers at every price point. 

After more than 45 years in business, pool lovers across the nation know they can count on us for all their game room needs. Check out our online store today to find the perfect gift for the pool lovers in your life, and give us a call if you have any questions regarding any of our products.