game room accessories

Shopping for gifts around the holiday season can be tricky, especially when you have lots of people to shop for and need to figure out what they want. Luckily, gifts for the game room are always appreciated. 

Whether you're shopping for a picky teenager or a sports-loving dad who has everything, these game room gifts are great fun for the whole family. 

1. Pool Table

No game room is complete without a quality pool table. A pool table not only offers endless hours of entertainment but can also act as an attractive centerpiece in a minimalist or sparsely decorated game room.

There are many styles of pool tables to choose from, so make sure your selection complements the style of the room you’ll be putting it in. 

2. Indoor Putting Green

An indoor putting green can instantly take any game room to the next level. This gift is perfect for the golf lover in your life, as it allows them to hit the links any time of year and in any weather.

3. Air Hockey Table 

Unlike other table games that take a while to get the hang of, air hockey has a very small learning curve. That's why an air hockey table can be a great gift for families, particularly those with young children or teenagers. 

4. Wall Art

There's a lot more to game rooms than just games. Wall art and posters are a great way to add some fun, flair, and personality to any game room. Consider the recipient's interests or hobbies and look for unique decor within that niche. 

For example, if they're a movie fan, consider getting them a movie poster or art print from their favorite flick. 

5. Shuffleboard Table

You don't see many shuffleboard tables these days, but that's precisely why they're great gifts for the game room. Take turns sliding weights down the table to see who can get the high score, or shake things up and devise your own house rules. No matter how you play, any game room is better with a shuffleboard table. 

6. Shuffleboard Bowling Pins 

If your recipient already has a shuffleboard table, consider getting them some shuffleboard bowling pins. These handy accessories can instantly transform any shuffleboard match into a fun game of tabletop bowling for the whole family. 

7. Next-Gen Video Game Console 

If the gamer on your list prefers virtual games, a new video game console is probably one of the best game room gifts you could give them. Just make sure they don't already have the console you’re considering!

8. Foosball Table

You can't go wrong with classic table games like foosball. Whether you're shopping for a bachelor pad or a kids' playroom, a foosball table and related accessories are timeless gifts for the game room that are sure to be appreciated.

9. Gaming Chair 

If your recipient's game room is up-to-date on the latest consoles and video game releases, odds are they could use an upscale gaming chair. When choosing a gaming chair, comfort and performance always come first. But many chairs have additional bells and whistles, making the gaming experience even more engrossing.

10. Ping Pong Table 

Ping pong is another classic table game that fits perfectly in any game room. Many ping pong tables also have the added benefit of folding up for easy storage, making it easy to tuck them away while they’re not in use to make room for other furniture and equipment. 

11. Gaming Headset 

A gaming headset can make online play more immersive and give the gamer in your life an edge during competitive multiplayer sessions. Whether they’re partial to PC or console games, a gaming headset is a must-have for any diehard gamer. 

12. Skee Ball Machine 

You can bring all the fun of the arcade home with you this holiday season with a classic skee ball machine. Compete against your friends and family to see who will be the undisputed skee ball champ of game night!

13. Personalized Game Controller

A personalized controller for your recipient's favorite video game console can show just how much you know and care about them. Xbox allows you to custom controllers directly on their website, whereas personalized PlayStation controllers usually have to be ordered from independent artists. 

14. Classic Arcade Games

Thrill your loved ones with a blast from the past this holiday season with retro arcade game machines featuring legendary titles like Galaga, Pac-Man, and Super Mario Bros. To get the best bang for your buck, opt for a machine that comes with several games rather than just one.

15. Color-Changing LED Lamp 

No matter your age, you're never too old to be dazzled by a color-changing lamp. A multichromatic LED lamp with a remote control makes it easy to set the perfect mood for any game or movie night and adds another layer of fun to the game room. 

16. Poker Chip Set 

For the card sharks on your list, a new poker chip set is one of the best gifts for the game room. This deluxe Fat Cat poker chip set comes complete with two decks of playing cards, poker dice, and game buttons. 

17. Tabletop Games 

A game room can never have too many tabletop games. Timeless staples such as chess, Monopoly, and Clue are just as essential as modern additions like Unstable Unicorns and Exploding Kittens. Stock up on tabletop games this holiday season to engage your loved ones in a battle of the wits or simply have some silly family fun. 

Choosing the Right Game Room Gifts

Shopping for additions to your own game room is challenging enough without having to blindly guess what your friends and family could use in theirs.

To get some ideas, come up with a reason to stop by your recipient’s home and subtly scope out their game room. Pay close attention to their setup during your visit and note what they do and don't have to avoid gifting duplicates.

When you're ready to start shopping, Billiard Factory has all the essential gifts for the game room you'll need this holiday season. Browse our online store today to get started, or peruse our gift guides for more inspiration and great gift ideas for every budget.