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Pool Tables (Billiards) Store in Phoenix, AZ

Anyone living in Phoenix knows it's the sleeper hit of the southwest. With gorgeous scenery that fulfills every hiker's dream and a bustling downtown with live music venues and shopping, it's a city with incredible charm. Phoenix also likes to showcase its history and heritage with museums featuring everything from musical instruments to art from some of the greats.

Billiard Factory also has a lot of history in this beautiful Arizona city. We're one of the oldest pool table stores in Phoenix. Over time, we've learned how to best support our customers by providing only the best Phoenix pool tables and accessories.

What's Considered a High-Quality Pool Table?

Buying a pool table is already a decent investment, so you may as well make it worthwhile by investing in a beautifully crafted table. The better the quality of your table, the better your experience and the longer its life. Because pool is a sport, it's wise to take recommendations from players who know what they're talking about.

These brands have a good reputation because they've won the community's trust. Here are some examples of the quality pool tables you can buy at Billiard Factory:

  • Rasson
  • Brunswick Billiards
  • Olhausen Billiards
  • Plank & Hide Co.
  • Billiard Factory

These are just a few examples of the incredible tables we offer. And yes — we have Billiard Factory branded pool tables in Phoenix that are made with as much care and attention to detail as the other heavy hitters on this list.

How Do I Choose My Pool Table?

If you aren't sure where to start, think about how much you're willing to spend on a new table. Some Phoenix pool tables can cost as little as a few hundred dollars. But if you're interested in something higher-end, many go well into the thousands. Having a good baseline for how much you're willing to invest can help your search go faster.

It's worth mentioning that staying on the less expensive end won't always give you the greatest value. The tables at Billiard Factory are all high quality, regardless of their price, but you should know that many other manufacturers will charge a few hundred dollars for a table that won't last very long.

With some less expensive tables, you'll have to replace them sooner, essentially throwing that money out. Buying a well-known brand name from a reputable retailer is always a better choice.

Next, think about how you'll use your table. Is this something you expect to play every day? Or just when the mood strikes? How serious of a player do you intend to become? Do you want an indoor or outdoor pool table? Asking yourself these questions can help move you toward the pool table that is most suitable for your needs.

How Big Should a Room Be to House a Pool Table?

When you're ready to buy your table, you'll first want to know if it can fit where you plan to place it. Start by getting measurements of the room. Remember that you'll still want plenty of room around the table for movement, so consider that when shopping.

Our pool tables in Phoenix come in multiple sizes, and the one you should buy will depend on how much room you have.

For example, if you buy an 8 x 4-ft table — the standard pool table size — you'll need a room that is roughly 18 x 14 feet. Double-check to ensure the length of your cue doesn't change your math; a standard cue clocks in at 58 inches. However, if you want to put your table in a smaller room, you might get away with it if you use a shorter cue.

What Else Should I Buy for My Pool Table?

A pool table alone won't do you much good. If you want to start playing, you'll need a few things first. Standard accessories to buy with a pool table include:

  • Cue racks
  • Billiard ball sets
  • Billiard ball racks
  • Training aids
  • Accessory kits
  • Table lights

If you want to elevate your rec room to even greater heights, Billiard Factory also sells ping-pong conversion toppers to turn your pool table into a ping-pong table instantly. It's the perfect way to switch things up for game night.

It's Time to Play in Phoenix

Are you keeping cool and staying inside? Make a day in more enjoyable with a pool table from Billiard Factory — one of the top pool table stores in Phoenix. We also provide pool table services to help maintain your table and keep it going strong. Check out our billiards store in Phoenix or shop online for even more convenience.