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Crosstown 12Ft Shuffleboard Table

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Forget suburban sprawl – welcome to your urban oasis of friendly rivalries and playful skirmishes, courtesy of the Crosstown shuffleboard. This isn't just furniture, it's a portal to the fast-paced heart of the city, where laughter echoes off exposed brick and the click of pucks becomes a rhythmic beat in the symphony of competition. Imagine the neon glow reflecting off the Ash Brown finish as you reign victorious, your name forever etched in the annals of your urban game room.

  • Industrial Chic Meets Classic Play: The Crosstown stuns with its contrasting beauty, seamlessly blending the edgy textures of Ash Brown with the smooth lines of a classic game table. It's an urban oasis in your home, a reminder that cityscapes and cozy nights by the fire can coexist in perfect harmony. This table isn't just a statement piece, it's a conversation starter, drawing in admirers and igniting conversations around its captivating design.
  • Tournament-Ready Terrain: Beneath the captivating exterior lies a champion's heart. The expansive aspen playfield, equipped with large climatic adjusters, ensures optimal stability year-round. No matter the season, your pucks will glide true, guaranteeing consistent performance for every shot. Unleash your inner champion on this terrain built for epic battles and glorious victories, all within the confines of your urban sanctuary.
  • Crafted for Raucous Gatherings: The Crosstown was born for boisterous laughter and friendly rivalries. Carpet-padded gutters capture wayward pucks with a gentle hush, while sturdy oak construction ensures this table can withstand the test of time and countless city-style tournaments. It's not just a game piece, it's a gathering place, a haven for forging memories that will echo through the ages.
  • Classic Scoring with an Urban Edge: Keep track of victories with the included metal abaci scoring units. Their timeless charm adds a playful element to the competitive spirit, making every match a story waiting to be told. The Crosstown seamlessly blends modern performance with nostalgic fun, creating a truly unique experience that will have everyone vying for a turn.

The Crosstown shuffleboard is more than just a game table, it's an invitation to create memories that resonate with the spirit of urban grit and timeless fun. Inquire today and discover how this captivating blend of industrial chic, high-performance play, and classic design can elevate your game room, your family time, and your connections. Every slide becomes a brushstroke on your urban canvas, every victory a triumph, forever etched in the heart of your concrete jungle.

Upgrade your shuffleboard experience with a bowling set:

  • Get a set of pins and a matching rack to add more fun
  • Use your own shuffleboard pucks instead of bowling balls
  • Add an addiitonal game for more family fun
  • Includes 1 rack and a complete set of pins
  • Powder and pucks sold seperately from bowling set, but may be included with your shuffleboard purchase
shuffleboard bowling pins

Customizing a shuffleboard table

How your table is made:

  • Most boards are made with multiple layers of wood, just like butcher blocks
  • Each board is then sanded and leveled to perfection
  • No two boards will be the same, each one is unique
  • Each board is the sealed in polyurethane to keep moisture out
  • Most boards come with a climatic adjster for easy at home leveling

Design your dream table:

  • Some of our collections like Olhausen and Dominion allow you to fully customize your dream table.
  • Choose between multiple finish options
  • Add your own logo to the center of the board
  • Mix and match with different abacus score unit colors
  • Add lights to your table
  • and so much more!
closeup of shuffleboard table
More Information
Approximate Weight: 800 Lbs
Brand: South Coast Collection
Finish: Ash Brown
Shuffleboard Sizes: 12ft
Available Board Pieces: 1-Piece Board
Board Width: 20in
Approximate Dimensions:
  • 12ft shuffleboard: 145.3″ x 33″ x 32″
  • Playing surface: 128″ x 20″ x 2.25″
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